Note: The game content is kinda unfinished.


The year is 2042 where human technology advanced far beyond imagination. Now they can utilize the power of sunlight to do something so mundane as food delivery. Why is that? Because tacos are a delicacy that transcends time. For some unknown reason, tacos become super popular, and indirectly shipping food the hottest job again. Now it's time for you to shine: the newest employee of Lightspeed Delivery.

Our source code repo:


  • LMB - Shoot food bags
  • RMB - Sunray dash
  • C - Crouch and slide
  • WASD - Movement
  • Space - Jump
  • Esc - Pause 


  • Crystal Ball - 2D Artist
  • Elizaveta Tyurina (Owlmoss) - 3D Artist
  • Lam Nguyen Khoa (JohnMiner) - Programming
  • Moisés Peláez - Game Design, Level Design
  • Pete Stathopoulos - Music, SFX

Install instructions

Download and unzip the .rar file. Run the executable.


lightspeed_delivery_win_v0.6.rar 29 MB
lightspeed_delivery_win_v0.5(jam version).rar 29 MB


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Awesome concept of food delivery game! Would really love to see a story / mechanic that forces player to really engage in the world?

Like maybe you have a timer that expires?